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American Archives
Containing a Documentary History of the English Colonies in North America from
the King's Message to Parliament, of March 7, 1774 to the Declaration of Independence
by the United States"
Peter Force, ed. (1840 edition).
[CD 1]

American Source Records in England, 1600’s-1800’s
[CD 37]

British Muster Rolls Battle of Monmouth
[CD 65]

Carleton’s Loyalist Index
A select index to the names of Loyalists and their associates contained in the Brirtish Headquarter Papers, New York City 1774-1783 (The Carleton Papers).  Also: The Book Of Negroes.
[CD 62]

Diaries of George Washington, 1748-1799 (4 Volumes)
[CD 27]

The Documentary History of the State of New York
E. B. O’Callaghan, ed.           
[CD 17]

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New York
 E. B. O’Callaghan, ed.

Early Ohio Settlers, 1700’s-1900’s
[CD 30]

The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1750-1930
William Wade Hinshaw   
[CD 2]

Family History: Massachusetts and Maine Genealogies, 1650’s-1930’s
[CD 36]

Family History: New Jersey Genealogies #1, 1600’s-1800’s
[CD 39]

Family History: Virginia Genealogies #1 pre 1600-1900’s

Family History: Virginia Genealogies #2, 1600’s-1800’s
[CD 53]

The First Settlers of the Forks of the Delaware
Henry M. Kieffer
[CD 58]

The France’s Forgotten Legion, 1699-1769
Service Records of French Military and Administrative Personnel Stationed in the Mississippi Valley and Gulf Coast Region, 1699-1769.     
[CD 20]

Genealogical Abstracts from the New Hampshire Spy, 1786-1793
[CD 14]

Genealogical Records: Colonial New Jersey Source Records, 1600’s-1800’s
[CD 45]

Genealogical Records: Early Kentucky Settlers, 1700’s-1800’s
[CD 46]

Genealogical Records: Early North Carolina Settlers, 1700’s-1800’s
[CD 48]

Genealogical Records: Early South Carolina Settlers, 1700’s-1800’s
[CD 47]

Genealogical Records: Early Tennessee Settlers, 1700’s-1900’s
[CD 22]

Genealogical Records: Early Texas Settlers, 1700’s-1800’s
[CD 24]

Genealogical Records: Loyalists in the American Loyalists
[CD 43]

Genealogical Records : Maryland Settlers and Soldiers, 1700’s-1800’s
[CD 26]

Genealogical Records: Pennsylvania Colonial Records, 1600-1800’s
[CD 23]

Genealogical Records: The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Volumes 1-139

Genealogical Records: Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834
[CD 54]

Heritage Books Archives: Georgia, Volume 1
[CD 32]

Heritage Books Archives: The Hessian Collection, Volume 1
[CD 31]

Heritage Books: History of Essex & Hudson Co., N.J.
Vol. 1 & 2
[CD 57]

Heritage Books Archives: New Hampshire Revolutionary War Rolls
[CD 16]

Heritage Books Archives :New Hampshire Volume 1   
[CD 15]

Heritage Books Archives: Rolls and Lists of Connecticut Men
[CD 28]

Heritage Books Archives: Virginia/West Virginia Revolutionary War Records Volume 1-6
[CD 19]

Histories and Genealogies of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Part A: Bucks, Carbon, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Northampton Counties  [CD 3]
Part B: Berks, Chester, Dauphin, Lancaster, and Philadelphia Counties  [CD 4]

Immigrant Histories: Huguenot Settlers in North America and Europe
[CD 38]

Immigration Records: Immigrants to Pennsylvania, 1600’s-1800’s
[CD 51]

Land Records: Bucks and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania, 1682-1825
[CD 55]

Letters of Delegates to Congress, 1774-1789
Vols. 1-25.
[CD 5]

Life & Times of Colonel Alexander Scammel
[CD 61]

Massachusetts Genealogical Records, 1600’s-1800’s
[CD 40]

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, 1775-1782
Vols. 1-17.
[CD 6]

Military Records: Connecticut Officers and Soldiers, 1700’s-1800’s
[CD 50]

Military Records: New York in the Revolution and the War of 1812
[CD 41]

Military Records: New York Revolutionary War Records, 1775-1840
[CD 44]

Military Records:  Revolutionary Patriots, Maryland and Delaware, 1775-1783
[CD 12]

Military Records:  Revolutionary War Muster Rolls
[CD 59]

Military Records:  Revolutionary War Pension Lists
[CD 7]

Military Records: United States Soldiers, 1784-1811
[CD 13]

Military Records: Virginia in the Revolution and War of 1812
[CD 33]

Military Records: War of 1812 Muster Rolls
[CD 63]

Pennsylvania Biographies and Genealogies, 1600’s-1800’s
[CD 34]

Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1800
Folio I - (1728 - 1750) "Benjamin Franklin’s Newspaper" [CD 8]
Folio II - (1751 - 1765) "The French & Indian War"  [CD 9]
Folio III - (1766 - 1783) "The American Revolution"  [CD 10]
Folio IV - (1784 - 1800) "The New Republic"  [CD 11]

Remembering the Revolutionary War 1764-1789
[CD 56]

Revolutionary War Era Maps
New York [CD 66]
New Jersey [CD 67]
Canada/US [CD 68]
New England Era [CD 69]
FL, GA, LA, PA, VA [CD 70]
Boston [CD 71]

SAR Patriot Index, 1999 Edition
The Sons of the American Revolution makes available the records of over 610,000 family histories of patriots and their descendents.
[CD 35]

SAR Revolutionary War Graves Register (2000 Edition)
The Sons of the American Revolution makes available the names and burial locations of over 140,000 Revolutionary War soldiers, sailors, supporting patriots, and their spouses.
[CD 25]

Scotch-Irish Settlers in America, 1500’s-1800’s
[CD 29]

United States Census 1800 (Family Quest Archives)
[CD 21]

Virginia Genealogies, pre 1600-1900’s, #1
[CD 52]

Virginia Genealogies, 1600’s-1800’s
[CD 53]

Virginia in the Revolution and War of 1812
[CD 33]

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